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Steven Donziger is a renowned lawyer, writer, and public speaker with a focus on addressing human rights abuses and corporate malfeasance.  He is part of the team working with indigenous and farmer communities in an area of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest suffering from high cancer rates and other health ailments related to the massive oil pollution caused by Texaco, now owned by Chevron.

Chevron has gone to war with Steven Donziger: He's been disbarred, his bank accounts were frozen, his passport was confiscated, and he is trapped in endless legal fees. Donziger has not been convicted of a crime, but due to corporate political corruption in our federal courts, he has been placed on house arrest for over 650 days in NYC.

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I CLEAN NY is an initiative started by Giada and artist Janine Martel. Together, they organize street cleanups throughout New York City to spread awareness of the waste that is all around us and to bring people a stronger sense of responsibility for the waste that they produce. 



NYCEED is a service organization designed to inspire children and adults within the school community in NYC to engage with ideas, everyday practices, and solutions, which will benefit our environment and world.

Our key aim is to promote the concept that the balance and sustainability of our environment and our earth is something each one of us can help with, both individually and collectively. Our goal is to ignite the desire to take action and inspire choices that will lead to a more sustainable future.

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